We offer the following featured single ply roofing systems...
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Lexcan Hi-Flex EPDM Roofing Systems
As the first company in the world to market it, for nearly half a century, Lexcan Hi-Flex EPDM Roofing Systems have been the industry’s roofing system of choice. Best known for its flexibility in severe cold temperatures and its long-term performance, it’s no wonder Lexcan EPDM has been the ideal roofing material used for the extremes of the Canadian climate.

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Lexcan Hi-Tuff TPO Roofing Systems
Pioneered by Lexcan in 1992, Hi-Tuff TPO Roofing Systems, have since, taken the roofing world by storm. TPO’s outstanding resistance to weathering, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and a wide variety of industrial chemicals, as well as its economical and aesthetically pleasing attributes, has made it one of the most popular and demanded products on the market today.

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Lexcan Hi-Pro PVC Roofing Systems
For decades, Lexcan has been protecting buildings with its Hi-Pro PVC Roofing Systems. PVC, through its long history, has become one of the most reliable and time-tested membranes on the market. By possessing superior physical attributes, as well as greater resistance to punctures, water, chemicals, grease and fire, PVC remains as a trusted membrane for waterproofing protection.

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